Why Cancer ?

In 2018, there are an estimated 18 million people affected with cancer worldwide. Cancer prevention is now considered one of the most significant public health challenges.

Worldwide, Lung cancer is the most common cancer with more than 2 million new cases every year. While, Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide with more than 2 million new cases every year.

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Reference: World Cancer Research Fund International & WHO*

As per the data published by World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute of cancer research, 40% of the cancer cases are preventable by changes to diet, nutrition and physical activity. Cancer mortality rate can be reduced significantly by improved screening tests and diagnosis. In developing world, the cancer survival rate can be significantly increased through improved access to quality treatment.

Improving Cancer Care with AI

AI has a huge potential in reducing errors in diagnosis and in helping clinicians focus on high risk patients. This can also avoid over diagnosis and reduce unnecessary costs to the health care providers.In developing countries, late stage diagnosis of cancer is the number one reason for high mortality rate. AI technologies in combination with clinical research and demographic data can help identify high risk patients for screening and diagnosis. This can help increase early stage diagnosis and reduce mortality rate.