We are passionate technologists

We deliver innovative healthcare product using AI

Nuevozen Corp is founded by a successful team of doctors, engineers and social entrepreneurs. Company is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has R&D offices in India. Company specializes in developing Artificial Intelligence enabled software platform to help improve access and speed of care. Nuevozen’s products include Cancer Diagnostic software for Radiologists and Oncologists, Patient reference software for clinicians and e-learning software for physicians and staff. 
The company’s Mission is to enable healthcare providers to deliver faster, better and cheaper care to the population with help of Artificial Intelligence. The company’s Social Mission is to help improve access to healthcare for needy and remote population by delivering creative solutions using Artificial Intelligence in close collaboration with research institutes, non-profits, NGOs and local governments
Nuevozen team includes of Surgeons, Oncologists, Radiologists, erngineers, data scientists and researchers specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from leading universities like IIT, Univ. of Michigan, Purdue Univ., Stanford Univ., Georgia Tech, UCLA and CMU. Nuevozen has several research partnerships with Universities and Hospitals in USA and India

Team of Experts from Top Universities in the World


Team of Oncologists, Radiologists and Surgeons to help identify problems and validate use cases/work-flows

Research Partners

Leading Universities and research hospitals to develop and validate use cases

Nuevozen Team

Data scientists and engineers to develop product